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ERP, Health and Hospital Information System

Minerva Data provides Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Management and Health Information System (HIS) to small private clinics, medical centers, hospitals and up to large national public health systems.
Minerva Data provides simple, fast, and secure cloud solutions and on demand applications that can be accessed anytime from anywhere, that is including Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Management, Health Information System (HIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning ERP systems.

Comprehensive Cloud Medical System

Patient management system, Admission, Appointments, Prescriptions, Laboratory, Imaging and Hospitalization. Financial and Medical Stock Management System, all included in one 360 cloud medical solution.
Comprehnsive Cloud Medical, HIS, EMR Systems

World Health Organization Standards

WHO International Classification of Procedures in Medicine, WHO ICD-9-CM Volume 3 Procedure codes and WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.
World Health Organisation Cloud Medical HIS, EMR System

Resilient Technology and Platform

With modern technology, high performance platform and resilient solutions you rely on us to architect a strategic, dynamic and long term ICT plan that aligns with your business core and support your future growth.
Cloud Medical HIS, EMR System free for Non profit organisation