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Simple Fast Secure EMR, HIS and ERP

High ROI and low TCO ERP, HIS and EMR. Robust Cloud Market Place, HR - Human Resource, Inventory and Stocks, Document Management System, POS - Point of Sales, ITSM/ITIL, LIMS, DICOM and health Imaging powered by AI - Artificial Intelligence

200+ Health Institutions
700+ Health Professionals
1,000,000+ Patients

"AHU University and Minerva Data to form a technology body to develop and commercialize world class digital business platform, the platform will be the starting point for the university and south region digital future development."

AHU University
Prof. Najib Abou Karaki
AHU President
Prof. Najib Abou Karaki
AHU University

"Minerva Data EMR and HIS was trusted to manage our 90,000 vital patient records since 1991, hosted securely and reliably, searching for any record takes less than a second."

Dr. Faisal Fayyad
Senior Vitreo-retinal surgeon
Dr. Faisal Fayyad EMR

"Minerva Data EMR Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning capabilities enabled us to communicate with our patients from different backgrounds and languages."

Family Medicine Clinic
Family Health History & Chronic Disease



"Minerva Data EMR and HIS Simplicity enabled us to manage Clinics Financial, Health Professionals HR, Patients Records and  Medical Stocks Inventory from day one."

iClinic Medical Center
Integrated Medical Clinics and HealthCare
iClinic EMR, HIS

"Minerva Data Document Management System among the best in the industry; fine tuned permissions, intuitive and modern DMS."

Dania Qasem

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Deep Machine Learning Approach

Minerva Data products are built with machine learning technology and deep learning framework, the result is intelligent systems work smarter and faster and eliminate human errors.

Deep Machine Learning Approach

Resilient Platform

Sophisticated Technology

With modern technology, high performance platform and resilient solutions you rely on Minerva Data to architect a strategic, dynamic and long term ICT plan that aligns with your business core and support your future growth.

Sophisticated Technology

WHO Standards

World Health Organisation

Minerva Data Medical System and EMR are based on the WHO International Classification of Procedures in Medicine, WHO ICD-9-CM Volume 3 Procedure codes and WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.

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